The time for awareness and action is now.

Too often, taking time to "process," "form a committee," or get "woke" are the endpoints in people's social justice journey. But that's not good enough.


Folx are seeking more than mere awareness. Folx are in need of safety, affirmation, justice, and access to wellness. 


Through an increase in critical consciousness, which includes awareness of the problem and action to bring lasting change, we can all get closer to wellness. That's what my work has been about. Helping individuals and groups to both increase their awareness of oppression and to commit to taking the critical action steps that promote liberation.


Awareness + Action = Critical Consciousness

We need to take an empirically grounded approach to liberation for marginalized folx in all parts of our society.

Liberation Now

I am a Black, queer woman in the U.S. 


I have a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. 


I see oppression. 


I experience it. 

I perform healing work with folx who suffer and resist in the face of it.

I study it. 

I fight hard against it.


I use the title “Healer. Scholar. Activist.” because that is my approach to liberation in our society.


My healing work helps marginalized folx survive. 


My academic roles keep me grounded in the scholarship that helps me to analyze and understand oppression and to engage in community accountable research. 


My activism keeps me connected, motivated, and radically hopeful about the world we can create together. 

Dr. Della Mosley
The Work

Here is a small sample of some of the work I have done in the area of critical consciousness (awareness and action). You can view my full CV below. 

Until Black Liberation Is Realized
with Pearis Bellamy and Dr. Della V. Mosley

Unseen and Underserved: A Content Analysis of Wellness Support Services for Bi + People of Color and Indigenous People on U.S. Campuses

Black Lives Matter: A Call to Action for Counseling Psychology Leaders

A content analysis of wellness support services for bi + People of Color and Indigenous People on U.S. Campuses

Academics for
Black Survival 
and Wellness

“They feel empowered to discriminate against las chicas:” Latina Transgender Women’s 
Experiences Navigating the Healthcare System

Radical hope in revolting times: A new psychological model for BIPOC in the U.S

Solidarity March for Black Lives, Denver, CO

Critical consciousness of anti-Black racism: A practical model to prevent and resist racial trauma

LGBTQ youth
bullying experiences
in schools: The role of school counselors within a system of oppression

Toward a Psychological Framework of Radical Healing in Communities of Color