making psychology accessible (free).

making psychology about liberation (freedom).

In our society, wellness has become a privilege negated to Black, brown, and queer folks.  Poor emotional, physical, and mental health have been normalized as inevitable for folx with melanated skin and/or marginalized identities.


Marginalized folx deserve better. 

They (we) are worthy of wellness in all aspects of life. 


As a healer, scholar, and activist, the fight for wellness for marginalized folx is one of the missions I stand by and support wholeheartedly. And it is my goal to connect with others who are learning how or already dedicated to doing the same.


How do you liberate marginalized folx from oppression through psychology?

Wellness is about more than yoga classes and green juices. 


Wellness for Black folx and queer and transgender People of Color requires a radical form of healing. 


It’s not just about feeling good and self-care Sundays, it’s about surviving the mental, physical and emotional angst of injustice on a personal and collective level. 


It's time to #freepsych and I am here to do my part. Whether through my scholarship on wellness; the content on the WELLS Healing and Research Collective's social media platforms; or my blogs, workshops, and talks, I am making sure more folx have more access to wellness.

My experiences in


My personal need for wellness came when I was born a Black woman in the U.S. 


My passion for wellness came when I became aware of the constant injustices faced by marginalized folx in our society. 


My knowledge of evidence-based and culturally-mindful best practices in healing and wellness came from years of research, training, and experience as a counseling psychologist specializing in serving  Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and queer and trans People of Color (QTPOC).


My activism as it relates to the health and wellness of marginalized folx is my purpose and lives in my bones. I fight to ensure folx know they are worthy of wellness and to help them to get access to it.

The Work

Here is a small sample of some of the work I have done concerning the healing and wellness of Black and queer and transgender People of Color in America. You can view my full CV below.

Wellness, Equity, Love, Liberation, and Sexuality (WELLS) Healing and Research Collective

APA 2019, Chicago

Radical hope in revolting times: A new psychological model for BIPOC in the U.S

Healing through Social Justice - Psychology Today Blog

Psychology Today: LGBTQ + People of Color Healing from Hatred

“Survival is not an academic skill”:  Strategies for surviving while in the “master’s house.”

Gender roles and Black sexuality

Contextualizing behaviors 
associated with paranoia: Perspectives of Black men

Academics for Black Survival
and Wellness

Psychology Today: The Psychology of Radical Healing

Turning Critical Reflection into Critical Action for Queer and Transgender People of Color 

Beyond Insecure Workshop

Toward a psychological framework of radical healing in Communities of Color.

Presidential Task Force Co-Chair Society of Counseling Psychology (APA Division 17)