Conversations create community.

Communities create change.


I love to facilitate conversations, share my knowledge,  and co-create communities that center wellness and liberation. As a keynote speaker, workshop developer and facilitator, trainer, and coach I love to vision and curate original training experiences.


Whether virtual or in-person, my lectures and lessons are engaging, grounded in interdisciplinary research, and unapologetically centered around liberation (both yours and mine).



University of Massachusetts-Boston Professor

I have been to (and conducted) a lot of anti-racism trainings. And this was one of the best. Centering a Black feminist framework, it offered a vision of connection, healing, and hope while keeping it real and not pulling any punches.

Director of University of Kentucky Counseling Center

As one with significant unearned privilege as an American-born cis woman, well-educated, 60-something, white-identified person - I thank Dr. Mosley for her leadership, and I commit to continue the deep work necessary if I am to be a true ally (or better yet an accomplice) for justice and healing.

Anonymous training
and keynote participant

 It was one of the most purely feminist, woman-affirming things I have ever witnessed a person do. It was AWESOME. The way you brought your intellect and your emotions and your spirit and your purposes and intentions and values and everything into a totally present, totally focused process of doing. And then at the conclusion of the training, at the conclusion of your keynote, there it was, the brand new, beautiful being, brought fully into existence.


Collaborating with me for speaking engagements or workshops means:
  • I train social justice trainers. And I learn from folx at every training. 

  • I do healing and activism (often with and for healers and activists). And working towards our mutual liberation is healing for me and part of my activism. 

  • I am a Black feminist. And Black feminism is for everybody.  

  • My team and I move with love as we do this work. And we invite you to move and love and work with us.

Let’s Connect

My combination of passion, purpose, and cultural pride serves me as I work to facilitate liberation for marginalized folx. If you want to dreambuild about liberation with me, I'm ready to connect.


More survival. More wellness. For more of us.   

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