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Meet Della V. Mosley

I am a healer, scholar-activist, and spacemaker who uses Black feminist approaches to facilitate holistic wellness for people of the global majority, particularly Black people and all queer and transgender People of Color.

Wellness, Equity, and Liberation Consultant

I am a counseling psychologist whose experience facilitating social change has helped many individuals, research teams, departments, and organizations to achieve their goals through my consultation services. Working at the intersection of social justice, mental health, and holistic wellness, I provide direct consultation services.


As a recognized expert of Black wellness and healing racial trauma and a TEDx speaker, many organizations seek me out for public speaking engagements. I enjoy pushing the conversation forward in ways that inspire personal and collective action.


Creating Space

I create spaces for people to heal, find and be in community, and experience wellness. I have founded/co-founded three programs that utilize Black feminist approaches to facilitate healing.

WELLS Healing Center

The WELLS Healing Center is a non-profit organization that provides coaching, workshops, and courses using counseling psychology and Black feminist principles. The WELLS Healing Center also provides mentorship and training for mental health and wellness healers (e.g., counselors, coaches, etc.) that incorporates scholarship and activism.

Blafemme Healing

Blafemme is a physical and virtual den that facilitates healing using Black feminist theory and practices. Located in Durham, NC and led by Dr. Della V. Mosley, Blafemme is a den of wellness, wonder, wishes and wisdom. We offer an indoor/outdoor co-working space, Black feminist healing products, and a live research site centered on Black feminist interpretations of research relevant to the Black community.

Radical Healing Collaborative

The Radical Healing Collaborative is a wellness and liberation focused mental health group practice housed on the Radical Healing campus in Durham, NC. Radical Healing is an intentional, radically inclusive, LGBTQ+ and Black, Indigenous, People of Color centered, multiracial and multicultural campus for healing and wellness. The Radical Healing Collaborative provides individual, couples, family, and group counseling; a practicum and internship training program; and community outreach.



Watch my commencement address from Palo Alto University's Summer 2023 ceremony:

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