Survival & Wellness for Marginalized Folx


I intentionally use my doctorate in counseling psychology, CV of radical research, faculty position at the University of Florida, history counseling Black youth and queer and transgender People of Color (QTPOC), experience organizing and doing movement work under a Black queer feminist framework, lessons learned in community with my squad of incredible mentors and mentees, history as an educator, and life as a Black queer woman raised on native Ho-Chunk lands (now known as Rockford, IL) to promote wellness and survival for folx who are systematically excluded from it.  

Marginalized Folx Deserve More


It's time for liberation for all marginalized folx. More and more, people are realizing their responsibility to provide spaces that contribute to - rather than take away from - the survival and wellness of Black, QTPOC and other folx facing oppression. I use evidence-based and culturally mindful methods to bring about effective change and measurable results in the area of liberation (e.g., equity, inclusion, well-being) for marginalized folx.


Black and QTPOC folx are worthy of wellness. Holistic wellness. Good relationships. Good mental health. Good physical and sexual health. Good environmental health. Good academic and career health. Good spiritual health. We are worthy of a wellness that we feel personally and see among others with our identities. My education and experience helps me move folx toward the wellness they deserve. 

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Hey, I’m Dr. Della.

My formal and informal education has come from Bradley University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Kentucky, Duke University, and the countless community organizers and activists, Black feminists, young people, and community members I have crossed paths with during my fight for the advancement of marginalized folx. 


As a faculty member in the psychology department at the University of Florida, I developed and lead the Wellness, Equity, Love, Liberation, and Sexuality Healing and Research Collective. My research, teaching, and service connect to my larger goal of enhancing the psychopolitical wellness of folx who experience oppression simply as a result of their social identities. I focus on social justice, prevention, holistic wellness, and strengths in my work. In my research, I love using contextually rich, qualitative, and intersectional approaches to exploring the experiences and promoting the wellness of Black folx and of queer, transgender, and/or gender-expansive People of Color. 


I co-founded Academics for Black Survival and Wellness (#Academics4BlackLives), am a proud member of the Psychology of Radical Healing Collective, and an American  Psychological Association (APA) Minority Fellow.


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My combination of passion, purpose, and cultural pride serves me as I work to facilitate liberation for marginalized folx. If you want to dreambuild about liberation with me, I'm ready to connect.


More survival. More wellness. For more of us.   

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