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Liberation is Black Wellness

Let's Get to Work

I am a healer, scholar-activist, and spacemaker committed to co-creating a world with more wellness and liberation for more of us. Whether through direct consultation work, public speaking engagements, the work of my non-profit (The WELLS Healing Center), or our Durham, NC-based Black feminist den (Blafemme) and mental health clinic (The Radical Healing Collaborative), I help people and organizations experience more wellness and liberation.


Speaking Events

As a recognized expert of Black wellness and healing racial trauma and a TEDx speaker, many organizations seek me out for public speaking engagements. I enjoy pushing the conversation forward in ways that inspire personal and collective action. Audiences and stakeholders appreciate that my talks are generally interactive, grounded in current research and events, sometimes quite vulnerable, and always illuminating. Book me for your next event.

*Willing to travel to spaces where proper COVID precautions are in place. 
*Recordings must be negotiated up front. 

Signature Talks & Topics

Finding Your Activism Lane

Preventing and Resisting Radical Trauma

Personal and Collective Wellness

Facilitating Wellness for Queer and Trans* Students of Color

Being a Better Mentor

Practicing Cultural Mindfulness

Watch Past Keynotes

Moving from “Woke” to Working for Black Futures

Until Black Liberation is Realized

Big Ideas in Counseling Psychology: Uprooting Anti-Blackness


Wellness Consultations

I provide consultation services in my areas of expertise: Black wellness, healing racial trauma, radical healing and radical hope, the wellness of queer and transgender People of Color, and critical consciousness development/activism. Email me below to discuss the details of your inquiry.

Consultation & Training Topics

Mentoring Black students and trainees

Enhancing Holistic Wellness in the Workplace Through Cultural Mindfulness

Applying the Radical Healing Framework in Your Practice

Culturally Mindful Supervision of Mental HealthTrainees

Working at the Intersection of Mental Health and Social Justice

Sex Positivity and Sex Education

Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Critical Consciousness Development and Activism

Black Feminisms in Qualitative Research


Straight from the Source

I have been to (and conducted) a lot of anti-racism trainings. And this was one of the best. Centering a Black feminist framework, it offered a vision of connection, healing, and hope while keeping it real and not pulling any punches.

University of Massachusetts-Boston Professor

It was one of the most purely feminist, woman-affirming things I have ever witnessed a person do. It was AWESOME. The way you brought your intellect and your emotions and your spirit and your purposes and intentions and values and everything into a totally present, totally focused process of doing. And then at the conclusion of the training, at the conclusion of your keynote, there it was, the brand new, beautiful being, brought fully into existence.

Training and keynote participant


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Can anyone of us here still afford to believe that efforts to reclaim the future can be private or individual? Can anyone here still afford to believe that the pursuit of liberation can be the sole and particular province of any one particular race, or sex, or age, or religion, or sexuality, or class?

Audre Lorde in "Learning from the 60s"


Healing comes in many forms and my work helps facilitate healing in very diverse ways. Through the non-profit, The WELLS Healing Center, we offer training to aspiring healer-scholar-activists and provide community care through groups and trainings. Through the physical and virtual den, Blafemme, we create Black feminist healing magic that is creative and community-based while also carefully sourcing Black feminist healing products for individual or group use. And for those individuals, couples, and families seeking counseling and other therapeutic services, they can receive it through the group mental health practice, The Radical Healing Collaborative.

WELLS Healing Center


The WELLS Healing Center is a non-profit organization that provides workshops and training using counseling psychology and Black feminist principles. The WELLS Healing Center also provides mentorship and training for mental health and wellness healers (e.g., counselors, coaches, etc.) that incorporates scholarship and activism.



Blafemme is a physical and virtual den that facilitates healing using Black feminist theory and practices. Located in Durham, NC and led by Dr. Della V. Mosley, Blafemme is a den of wellness, wonder, wishes and wisdom. We offer an indoor/outdoor co-working space, community events, Black feminist healing products, and a podcast and live research site centered on Black feminist interpretations of research relevant to the Black community.

The Radical Healing Collaborative


The Radical Healing Collaborative is a mental health group practice in Durham, NC. We provide individual and group counseling, a practicum and internship training program, and community outreach. At the Radical Healing Collaborative we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each person and offer sliding scale services based on an economic justice model of financial privilege. To that end, we challenge white supremacy, capitalism, ableism and all systems of oppression to make our programs and services more affordable and accessible to poor and working class people and people of color.

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